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Monday, September 26

oh my Goodness.. i finally saw him in cineleisure le..
oh man.. with a lady worx... hmm =(
first time in my life rides a bike. err not by myself la.. idiot
haix needa work till 30. no off.. from monday le. you know.. poor thing horx..
fake nails!! hahah first timealso. hahah blue de got crystals somemore..
wed my boss b'day.. broke.. think by next month must pay my spects also.. no money !!
hahah say everything out within like 5sentences. yeah.. bye. =p BLEAH**

12:37 AM
-i died and i cameback

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Monday, September 19


1:21 AM
-i died and i cameback

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Thursday, September 15

oh MAN!!
guess wat.. yesterday is our Emd de exam thingy.. sure fail.. guess needa re take..
HAIX but i saw him once again! o h m i n e
Arrgh and hes late for like 15mins for the exam.. idiotic. =x
Oooopsy and i thought i nv got to see him again..
then around in the evening yesterday!! hes in e library.. Awwww
then today i see him AGAIN!! Awww
oh m a n
in the library (nahx.. not a nerd though)
he waved HALLOe
and we were headin to atrium while he coming into the library..
i'm jus too excited to say anything
then we get ourself seated at the atrium then i see him walkin to a empty space down there as well!! jus infront of mi.. errr.. a bit the far in front of mi! oh man
jus say too much le.. haix hahha i'm little stupid am i ?
hmmm wosh ..
i really don know wat to say le..
a blog takling to myself .. =x

10:29 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, September 13

yo. now incaroldehouse.ithinkthespacebar spoil.. see so difficultto make thespacebar..
SIan you see, hercompsosucky..really sucky, cos thesongweplayedinhercomp alsocannotmakeit. so soft!!!lol..u all understand ma..
lol actually we are here studying EMD.. end up seeing amazing things on net =x.. heex i now trying very hard to press the space bar le.don blame mi orhx..
Arrggh today already slack..come her house le then orderPIzza.. hahah then watch the 9oclockshow!! damnniceworx!! =)
hmm nothin to say lela.. hahah

12:32 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Saturday, September 10

Arrrggh didnt see him today in school!!
so i'm wondering maybe hes in year 3 then only re take emd only..
saded.. haix.. haah today amir very funny..
heex.. when you touch his neck, he will stick out his Tongue!! so cute.. and IDiotic..
went bugis with carol and minghui.. heex minghui go cut her hair.. introduce her the hairdresser who cut for mi ppreviously.. cos i think guys cut hair nicer.. don know why. just more professional and "xi xin"=) cooking stuff guys also can do very well so yeah.. err conclusion ma... don know la.. hahha

today finally finish maths de paper le.. give back teacher around 20marks ba.. heex then remaining 80 minus here and there stilll can pass la horx.. =)
=Missing you=
eerrr i mean i lost something.. wahahah =x SIAO

12:06 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Friday, September 2

yEah!! so happy today.. errr i mean yesterday, 1st of sept!!
errr. i stone in front of my comp for awhile. sian actually thinkin of wat to write then i jus stare aimlessly.. so idiotic.. hahah sing song until shuang!!! hahah from abt 8 till now.. Its caroline de birthday!! then we got her a perfume as present.. then we go take neoprint!! so nice!! we so excited abt it.. first time out of so many, todays de is the best!! heex how i wish to post it on comp.. but don know how.. heex sweet!! after tt go makan and then go sing sing..
the day before also sing le, with wendy... so ex.. somemore we sing less than 3hr.. but we damn funny.. then cost us 15bucks like tt.. today cheaper!! although its 30.. but cos we got housepour juggie, and other charges plus 6 hrs of singing.. you still sing more if you wan, but we damn cold and tired le.. lol next time go paradiz dekbox.. don go cine de.. cine too many ppl go then they will chase you away de.. lol..

oh yah we also buy ourself stuffs over stuff.. we got buy bag clothes and stuff. typical girl stuffs. lol
heex the neoprint really nice until carol request to take again.. hahha.. 10bucks worx.. but its nice!!
AND lynn!! sunddenly rmb!! i wanna make tt ring!! the name one.. lol we make couple ring.. lol don jealous worx.. although i will still have the couple ring with lynn... lol.. so nice.. also saw one ring from swatch accessories section.. but it cos 70plus.. so ex for a silver ring.. and then the 1 wan to do with lynnie one only 35, stainless steel.. alot of different horx.. hahha... haven marry got so many ring le.. heex.. u think u lord of the rings ar. siao.. =x

next week exam le.. abit the sad.. i wonder after the exam will i get to see him again.. haix.. i already more than aweek nv see him le.. oh freak. why got his kind of feeling.. so strong.. hahha at least hes a motivator for mi to go school study... but he skip the class.. idiotic..
miss it!!:S
arrrgggh =x

2:33 AM
-i died and i cameback

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