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Monday, August 29

Arrrgghhh.. today had our emd de test.. 10% i guess.. and hhe skipped the lecture class.. and you know wat time i reach school?? hmmm abt 7 plus.. siao horx?hmm is it linked? as in so early go school to study or too excited to see him.. Oh Freak..
and everytime i mention abt him i will blush de.. Sianx.. how? how... no source.. ouch"" Arrggh i don know wat to do.. today he so cute.. do his test half way take out his cap and mess up his hair.. guess don know how to do.. wahahah.. mi too.. or else wont get to notice him doing tt.. mi siao le.. how? freak..
also don know ppl got gf or not. don know
FreAk. his smile..

11:16 PM
-i died and i cameback

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Tuesday, August 23

so long as there is life, there is death. all good things must end someday. constant change is the truth of the universe. human beings suffer because they insist on seeking permanent beauty and life, and this basic truth.

read this in a comic book de, meaningful hor. . now share with you all.. find it true.. =)) you?

shit.. got a infatuation?? a crush?? on this guy.. FReak.. a while only right?? don know la.heex.. in my school de.. hahah i think only chee chow read my blog niax horx. and think u don know this guy la. so nvm.. hahah only same class as him in EMD lesson. hahha kena motivated not to be late for Emd. then diao. he nv go for class on monday. idiot then i go so early. after tt they all go watch seven sword in school and wanna skip lab class.. then i say mi going to lab!! cos my result fo rlab not very gd also. and i went!! HES there!!
Blush** hahah abit the *keep my eyes on him* =x he talked to me!! sIao!! but yeah.. abit the excited.. =x call him AA ba. haix..

today got two test.. maths de and IA lab. IA de, copied from tze jie, he good horx, still got time to care to put his paper high to let mi see.. hahah who call mi is his partner.. sometime can really vomit working with him.. but come to test and exam hes POWERful... hahah.. don xiao kan him.. maths de i disturb xiao tian tian alot until he abit pekchek.. heex.. he still say: you very ma fan leh" Ooopsy paiseh la.. =x then thurs still got ecam lab.. goD!! next week got Ecam , emd quiz plus cadcam lab..!! DIE!!

9:52 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, August 16

si, you're a Golden Retriever
No bones about it, you're a popular, fun-loving Golden Retriever. Adored by all and too cool for school, you're extroverted and enthusiastic. Your magnetic personality makes you the life of any bash. Since you're a true people-dog, you genuinely love all kinds of social gatherings. Going to parties, dinners, and other shindigs is the best way to add faces to your constantly growing circle of friends. But besides being on the social A-list, you're a confident, well-rounded pup who's definitely something to bark about. Pretty accomplished at anything you set your mind to, your sunny nature and winning ways make you one of everyone's favorite dogs. Woof!

Quix named >What Breed of Dog Are You? . email from chio hui . wtf i'm a dog?? stunned.

heex pretty true horx.. woof!!

1:19 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, August 15

lalala... i'm back home.
my sales for today is like shit..
but a good figure? hmm $88.90 its damn horrible. =x
went sisha and saw azly on the way. working at some cafe.
then go back home by bus. purposely go ymca there take 171.
took the last bus. =)) yIpEE.. cos wanna see this guy.. cute guy. errrr.. i mean butch =x oh my freaking God!! am i interested in a butch. oh c'mon, he-she jus cute niax. =x
yesterday also in e same bus. today wahhaha.. enough enough.. jus mad for awhile niaz

anyway my retest and all the test plus exam are coming,... freak..
haven prepare any shit. die..
haiyoyo.. bought alot of vcd also haven watch.. sad..
got "be with you.." so sweet right!! but haven watch, still got the dolphin series thingy, still got "what dreams may come", view from the top < watch liao but bought the disc also.. wahhaha.. no time.. I also d/l alot of charmed!!! gonna burn into disc.. oh man!! my all times favourite.. love it.. got charmed vcd must tell mi k. if really got, i will be broke.. definitely.. theres like 7 series. am i right? guess so. freak. gonna sleep le.. good the night worx.. all the best to mi and i need to find one day go hug the Buddha leg.

12:55 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Thursday, August 11

finally go in to chinablack that night.
after work, national day eve.. heex. then end up 1plus then go in
cos no one lend i/c to me..
kinda pissed then actually wanna go off le, thought of going rush find enci they all but not very nice. cos chris, ves, and carol already in there.. last min thing you see.. heex. its fun. so hao wan..

heex bought alot of clothes jus now.. actually also planned to stay in school then end up shopping in bugis.. stun.. 1 jeans, 1 top, 1 tube top, 1 skirt. the skirt was like so sweet la.. but minghui keep say nice. omg i wonder when will i be wearing tt out.. lol when i go for a date? lol =x but its really so sweet la. sianx don dare weAr out.. but all quite cheap lo. quite stun. jeans only 19, top only 15, then the skirt 19. the skirt is a whole dress thing. omg. only the tube cost mi a bomb, 100 bucks.. woohoo..

heex we three thinking of going Cb again on next wed.. lol we still young ma, so definitely will keep thining of going one right? curious curious. hahah only minghui is tt type tt go until don wanna go, haha no la. she also wanna go chill. yipEe \m/

hmmm play too much.. haven really study leh.. how huh?? lol Oooopsy..
next week re test.. wanna pass.. but don wanna work hard.. hahah lazy pig
i also don wanna work so much.. especially the spects one... so sianx. somemore after class needa go chiong down town work, very tired de. =x heex cannot bully mi like tt.. haix..

=)) world pEacE!!

12:23 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, August 2

heex.. long time nv explore the wholivesnearyou.
no actually didnt explore before till yesterday..
reply to a few of the message.. hahah know alot of friend.
got one very tiko one. hahah but i can really sense hes very lonely. like no friend like tt
so sad..

came back from work. so tired. slept all the way home.. no i walk awake.. hmmm
so sianx.. this time transfer back to ps. not at heeren liao..
but i prefer heeren. so sad. always push mi here and there. =x heex ok la..
but don feel like workin for the spects liao..
don know still can cope not.. somemore fail 2 module out of 3 liao..
abit the scare liao.. hahah mi idiot.. no is i stupid.. haix.. so sad..

heex need go sleep le or else again cannot wake up then late..
=x heex.. nighty

12:02 AM
-i died and i cameback

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