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Thursday, January 27

Heex.. wAke up super early to study.. good gIrl horx?. =P now fAce was lIke small small eyes and the don wan to study look. the first three days of the study week was abit slacky.. Anyway yeah just wanna finish my Ael revision before i go to school later for Maths revision. Bless mE to stay awake. =)) Wahahaha..Super Good day to Everyone!! (n'-'n)v

6:04 AM
-i died and i cameback

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Sunday, January 23

WATS WRONG with that MSN thingy Again!! sorry pals.. i mean those i chattin halfway and just GONE!! FOOK!!

YOU REALLY PISSED ME OFF!!! GET OUT OF MY LIFE.. C'mon.. I choose to help since you came to me.. i am way happy to help you two.. and you go overboard. really hate ppl tell me wat to do and so on. instead of helping, i feel being used. used for i don know wat but you wan mi to help and you tellin all sort of things and its not tt i m damn free or wat so PLEASE be considerate. I don expect any things back from you, but yeah i know you miss her so much, and oh c'mon i have a life. get it.. and fuckin hell you choose the wrong time as well.. this week is my only week for mi to study and bloody you wan mi to go shoppin with her during this week.. FUCK YOU!!! i don mind shoppin with her after our study or wat, BUt since you say so and so call 'ordered' mi then go to hell.. BLEAH i jus don like wat you tell mi to do. you ass-hole.

but ladies and gentlemen i guess i will still slove their problem. and fucking hell,relationship cannot include outsider right? and why am i helping. Don worry. regarding to the guy side, you go to hell. and yeah my best friend, don worry everything will be fine when you sort out your mind..

not being rude here.. But i am really tired of all this. PMS apply to ladies.. and GUYS!!! don use it as an excuse for yourself as well.. FOOK OFF..
=Better stay out of me this week!!= you idiots.
And do SMile DARLINGS. =S

11:33 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

woAh.. Its like yEars sInce i last blog.. haa. jus being stupid hEre.. Anyway yEah damn tIred now.. wEnt homE like 9Am in the morning.. not forgetting i am working on Saturday.. wahahhax. and i have 470 plus for my sales. Stun. Cause the business wasn't good lately and hmm not bad la... ok drop that.

mEet up wif those few guys again. chill out. met Sham. went all the way from cine to paradize centre for k box. and sounds like cine does not have k box. Its kind of stupid though. =P oh yah. before tt,was thinkin of going to al's bar or even shisha. but mi demand to sing. kEke.. ooopsy.. no they did.. anyway, we sing all the way till 4Am. NOT shuang!! tt Di of mine cough like hell. then he went home. left the three of us. wEnt to coffee club beside cine after tt.. Had Hawaiian pizza over there. and YUMMY!! Finger lickin' good.. =P Its really nice.

kinda being force to stay. before that i was like wanting to go home after the k box thingy. but they would to have a drink so we proceed to coffee club. its was abt 6. chatting over some stuffs and its quite shock for mi to hear that. anyway nothin'. and Both shit head told mi tt it can only be paid by cash. and i bloodly believe them. as they do not have cash with them, so i stayed back. yeah and my mum called. i was like"shit". and she call mi to go bugis which is quite nearby right. and i say yah-. saying that the temple over there open at 6 then call mi to go pray since my exam are around t he corner. then i slowly take my time.. wahahah and after the praying and so on. we walk back to the mRt. its like around 7 plus le. and WELL.. we walk passed Breko. i saw the WALk in interview thingy. and its like quite small a sign and i see it.. =)) hEex. i told Sham whose lookin for a job and Yeaha we WEnt in!!! =S FREAKO! interview at like 7Am in the morning. ANYWAY its a 24hr Cafe. so who cares. and plus Ziv and i WANTing to use the toilet more than anything!! Ooopsy =X .. and yeah.. went in sham took the form and filled in and tt Ziv was like !@#$%^& over there as he wanna POO... Heex. so he went home. and i saw a sign AGAIN!!. =P was writing == 2 Beers for $10 ==
And we both got it for our breakfast.. Abit the DUH!!right?? heex.. but who cares.

went home after tt = story end=

8:26 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Wednesday, January 12

GUESS WAT?? another 2 to 3 weeks time to common test le and i know no shit about it.. yesterday still went shisha. today still go chinatown. =P WOoohOoo got the"my prerogative" de vcd and collision course!! Jay-z plus linkin.. both so cool.. after the shoppin over there with carol to buy new year stuff for her shop, and of course we went to her shop!! Wahahah got free meAl. so nIcE! cooked by her gay sup. Woah hes real pretty. and i really mEan pretty.. hahah nIce features. *drooling. Oh c'mon.. =S

After our "ba wang chang" < means free meal. we went over to six avenue to find ziv.. and got another 3 more vcd from his shop. heex. but this is time is rental free!! =P gtg le ZZzzzZzz

1:09 AM
-i died and i cameback

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Thursday, January 6

SIanx.. nOw in clAss. jus now had a test. Damn guess fail le.. hmmm later don know go where.. wanting to watch one of the movie.. the opera thingy. watever.. mIkI nevEr work le. mIssing her so much.. so sweet. guess she work on weedays de night also. not very sure. but i am still working on sat. and the uncle next to my shop want mi to work for him on sunday or weekdays. but yEah, my mom say not very nIce. so sad. OUT of ::CHe $$ kIng:: Cash rIght now.. haix so shItty.

Busy busy and stIll busY.. go bAck hOme around 11 plus frOm school these few days.. hEhex. yesterday went to six avenue near my school for dinner. Ziv workIng there. thereforE that dI of mIne wAnt to go there eat. And i am not REGRET or anything!! Cause.. the roti prata is shooooo nICE!! Wahahha .. heex. really. =P And yeah tt ziv work at a vcd shop over there.. is a rental one though.. wahahah i borrowed two for free!! Shooo happy. =)) borrowed School of rock and the don know wat confession of the drama queen thingy. heheh.. guessi really need to find time and watch it..!! =)) cool bi le.. End here le ba. TC guyx

2:42 PM
-i died and i cameback

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Sunday, January 2

HappIe nEw yEar? hmm disaster all around. haix.. really sad.. you got sEe thosE vIdeo.. rEallIe Oh my God lo. haix.. hmmm i don know wat to say.

Uh- huh.. wat you guys did on the new year eve?? lol i met up with my di and his "g" fren around like 6 plus at my workplace = cine =.. and guess wat.. at 6pm plus we bought 4:35Am de movie!!! FREAK! nothIng much to do.then shop shop makan makan..and we went prinsep street there for shisha. and spend out new year there as well. haah left there around 3 plus. then go to 7...11 buy maggi mee.. lol i chose the biggest bowl one..hehe.. like hungry ghost.
went back to cine and on the way kena spray lo. no choice. kekE. Watched "Meet the Fockers"!! so damn cute.. i love the kid.. ass... hole... so cute and the blue dog. haha.. before this show.. i am the one keep grumbling about the time we watched the movie.. kEke.. i even bluff my mum.. Ooops.. hahha and then went in the movie. FOOK.. that two guys slept!! while i m totally awake.. and my duty to sit in the middle is to slap them two. But i jus wake them up twice. ziv even SNORED!! =S ziv watced the first hr with mi and slept. then weishen watched the second hr with mi as he wake up le.. mi watched the whole thing.. hahah. kEke,. before meeting them i watched the kungfu thingy with my mom.. hahha pretty lame but simin laugh at anything. ok ok bullshitting. kekE. pardon mi. =P Reached home 7 plus 8.. then wake up 10 to go WORK!! =S hahah then met my darling=carol= she came over to meet mi and we had our dinner at cafe cartel again. love the wafer!! Yummy. then ziv and shen came over as well to join us. went to play pool while carol go home Zzzzz. hEex.. i am still new to the play pool thingy.. losEr. hahha.. ok ok yeaha something happen but who cares.
surprisingly i am quite energetic. =P played till 3 Am plus ba.. lol as usual >reached home tip toe to bed then Zzzz.. lol and guess wat..! +) i slept 4Am plus right? uh huh i wake up 10 Am plus. tts not the point.. i continue sleeping.. and skipped my breakfast and lunch. in the end wake up at 6Pm plus!! SHIOK! =P kEKe.. jus finished my soldering. =P hmm i cant login to my MSN!! hmm nvm..
oh yah.. !! yesterday i working right. then my so call neighbour" for work, in another push cart. the grandma bought her grandson to cine.. oh man.. SO CUTE!! hes mixed!

Arrrgh.. mucks. hahha so cute.. ok ok
Anyway happIe nEw yEar to you guys. and BLESS YOU!

8:52 PM
-i died and i cameback

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