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Thursday, December 30

rEallIe lIke thIs pIcture alot.. hehe.. cutE rIght!! hEhe.. change my templates to this le.. not bad right.. more peaceful like tt.. i like those graveyard.. so nIce.. uh-huh.. anyway HAPPIE NEW YEAR.. heheh jus one day more to 2005. =P *tInkx. g0Ing to meEt my dI and hIs gay frIend. hmmm not too sure wats going on tml as wEll.. hEhe.. Anyway goodIe day to you guys.! rockx on.

11:03 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, December 28

Happie bIrthday to mE!! happIe bIrthday to mE!! happy birthday to me.. happy birthdAy to me!! SAD SOB SOB. you ARSE HOLE... i hate you!!

1:06 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Sunday, December 26

I've make my mistake
i've got no way to run
The night goes on
as i'm fading away
i'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
how could this happen to me!!

And i can't stand the pain
and i can't make it go away
no i cant stand the pain
(Simple plan - untitled)

Everything started at
Christmas Eve..
went out with my darlings. that two mighty one in my heart.

recieved alot of present from jus the two of them! =P
they kind of celebrate my birthday on tt day as well. we haf our dinner and so on.
the sad case is tt i spoilt the rest of the day. i 've a upset stomach after tt and kind of troublesome. and luckily it ends after some time. ok forget abt it..
and we shopped in far east. bla bla. then i called my mom whether i can stay out late like 3am plus? she simply say yes.. wOohOoo and of course i m excited as my dear wantin to bring mi to club for the first time. wOooohOooo and so we send meiying back home and its about 12. and we rush ourself to Hendrix? uh huh. saw our fren working at the chocolate bar beside it. and shit i cant go in as i m still currently 16.. Damn. and its not tt happening in hendrix. so my deAR abit sianx. haix. SORRY!!
... bla bla bla ...
After some time in there then we come out of tt place. meet another fren of her. and we chat. the four of us. and two of them went in to dance left mi and M. know him the first day. don know him well.. but we jus have a chat. asked whether wan a drink then we jus go to the nearby 7eleven grab some drink. sit opp the bar. contact them back. and i'm think whether r we going home? cos its like 4am. uh huh. m wan to take a walk. then we jus left them over there . and they walk another side away. and we are searchin for the loo. so we went to the fullerton. and yeah i called her. no answer. shes pissed. i'm blur!
Damn i was thinking what should i do. i stunned!!!!! real stun. she said tt to me!! time passed. till 5 plus . we are still over there ba. this is how we spend our christmas. anyway i don wan to talk this anymore. i am tired.

they still send me home. but shes not home!!! her mom called mi like 7am plus. she said shes not at home. i m sick.. worrying. hmm i don know wat to do. wake up at 10 plus again preparing to go to work. am really not in mood.
how strong is our relationship tt you didnt trust me at all?? i really didnt know anything. i am sick of it.. really sick!
but i m blessed with carol with me.. she met mi after my work yesterday.and hand mi a cutie love bEar and wanting to give mi the bunch of rose.. i m blushed to carry tt man. lucky she cant find it. but she have one from her bf. so sweet. she wanted to give it to me. i was like WTF.

told carol abt my stuffs. and she call mi contact her lo. do what i can do to slove this problem or even gif her time. and so i smsed her this morning telling her my feeling. but haix. i heard of " this show how strong the relationship is" i am totally lost in it. i shed tears like no one
business when i reached home after tt happen. but pretendin to sleep and force myself to sleep as working later. and what she said really break my heart. and i think her's did too. watever. i m tired of guessing. my mind have not settled down for the first one and now another one happen to me. and both my loved one left me. what should i do?

promises? forever. i really never believe it. and you guys said it. i jus listen and hope you really do so. and uh huh. you didn't. i questioned you before when you promise? and i told you before i hate promieses. as i know if you didnt that will really break my heart. you said even your parents reject(eg.) or wat so ever you will love me. FUck you. you jus rmb your promise to her!! not me. and now... it show

Everything happen because of a reason. you suddenly contact a fren becos of?? when you are in need.. and FUck you. what are fren for. yes!! when you need help.and they will be there for you bla bla bla. but i wont do those to who i'm not close to. and they(those arse hole) will say "I WILL return you the money as soon as possible. or i will return your stuff. !!" and bullshit. and shit i believe them. i have lots of bad debt. and damn don talk to me anymore. Piece of shit. don make use of ppl can or not?? i damn sad to those who are being used of. and FUck them. ARse hole. as my friend are one of the victim. i treat those as my lessons. but i will still do my best to help those who are really in need. God bless.

guess i m emotional as welll. really feeling so shitty for my fren. and plus me.. i don know wat to say le.
i want to stop thinking of all this stuff, contact mi when you are ready when you settled with your stuff. i m living with those "no-answer to the problem" world and tts sucks.

3:54 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, December 7

Tears have been dripping from my eyes, blood is shedding in my heart.. everything juz happen so fast.. what does the past means? We may go seperate ways,live different lives but sometimes little things may mean much. Sweet talks are just to please ur ears, they do not come right from ur heart. I had never believe such words as "forever". but you've sucessfully convinced me, I had trusted u, in the end you still lied. I can forgive but cant forget. I'm so hurt but i still choose to be tis way cos my love for you is deeper thn anything you can imagine.for all you know.. i'm still waiting for you.. with a broken and scarred heart.. i had never experience such pain before.. it's so pain that i feel like've left me and my heart you've taken with you.. now wat's left with me is a empty heart and empty body which i tink can never be fill.. -smInt- waiting painfully for the one i've hurt and had hurt me..

10:20 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, December 6

wOoohOoo.. quIte lots of thIngs hAppEned. but just sImply lazy. hehe.. so todAy lEt mI updAtE updAtE ba..
todAy fIrst day of schOol for sEcond semEsteR/.
wEnt town aftEr schOol. mEt up wIth meIyIng. bought somE stuffs..
work full for three days straight then hEhe.. went ktv yesterday tIll 3Am wOrx. wIth my carol and mIkI.. thEn aftEr that carol cAme my house thEn we lalala.. lolx.. don anyhow thInk la.. of course sleEp lo. =P hehe. uh huh.. and mIkI?? whosE mIki?? somEonE who lIke mIckEy as wEll.. shEs jus 14!! so young and tAll!! cutE cutE prEtty prEtty de.. =)) mIssIng hEr alrEady!! hAha..
ermm.. update?? i forget le.. i abit the short term memory ba..
I wAnt watCh movIe!!

9:15 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Saturday, December 4

Ouch' Agrrrrhh.. am rEally sadEd!..
watching thIs chInese show. movIe and It sImply let mI thInk of hIm
thE call tt I made. thE words tt wE saId.
thE way i rEacted. exActly prInted at thE show but dIfferEnt sItuatIon.
totAlly xIn ru dAo gE!!
I am totAlly not In hIs hEart at all I guEss. yeah i mEan i guess.. bUt when the hEll i wIll know thE truth?? wIll anyonE tEll mi??
hEart brOkEn
and hE wont cArE!!

I always hAf tt happIe happIe fAce.. bUt anybody know? =) EspecIally my two dEar.. I don wan thEm to woRry.. thEy knOw I am thInkIng somEhow but thEy will try theIr bEst to lEt mI enjoy/... chrIstmAs comIng, I gotten my pay as wEll. gOt thEm presEnts. got Ivy a dIor makEup tt shE wIll kIss mI upsIde down!! thEn meIyIng onE wIll kIll many of my braIn cell!!

I HATE IT!!! hAtE my thInkIng!! I hAtE thE way hE trEat mI!! WHY!!

2:43 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Wednesday, December 1

Hmmm. startIng school sOon.
Facin' stress again {not totally sch work though}
but just wanting to go back school as well.
workin for three more days before school
SIANX HAix not faIr!!

wEnt wild wIld wet tt day
hEhe. just enjoy thE banana thIngy.
guEss Is my fIrst and the last tIme goIng
=P hehe.. hmmm..

7:58 PM
-i died and i cameback

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