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Saturday, November 27

Anyway wOooAh!! got 600hundred for sales today {saSsy}

then chill out with Hwee ling after work

took NR1 home. and fook. mI URGENT!!

but tt bus simply keep turn round and round.

mI!!! =S Oooooppsy..

bought a shirt yesterday. hahha my mum still say "save it for new yr" lol. i was like ok lo

kEke.. wanting a cap from my shop!! then the supplier come to our shop today. I asked hIm whether can buy jus one cap straight from him. he asked:"jus one ar?" i was like :ya. jus one.. kEke.. then he say ok.. he say GIVE it to mi next time!! KEKE!! HUPP ie.. lol the price for one cap jus less than 4 bucks lo then you wan mi use 12 bucks to buy from my shop{already staff price}.. kekke no way.. haha the hat i jus buy for fun anyway.. and since he say giving mi.. TTS EVEN MORE GREAT!! but think i return him 4 bucks lo. kekek.. since he gonna give mi tt brown hat which i request!! AGRRRH hope he will rmb!!

SO happie also.. today sales got 600 plus plus.. mi and hwee ling very hardworking worx.. but then boss they all go watch jay chou de concert!! mi and .hl. also want!!! but no choice. we are only"da gong de". kEke..

tml no work.. ermm i mean today.. lol wah now 5am plus le.. ppl wake up i sleep.. kEke.. anyway laer not going to work. not i don wan.. my boss don wan mi.. haah no la.. another new part time gurl is going down.. lol. .hl. say she very fierce.. but damn... shes jus 14 yrs old. but then 170cm plus plus... she quittin school also.. thInk mI also no need work so much le.. kEke.. can enjoy before school reopen! hEhe!! wantIng go K!!!

School re open soOn!! hEhe.. Oh yah.. Sunday which is tml!! go WWW.. www?? lol wIld wIld wet.. hahah also don know nIce or not.
hmmmm... HAIX SADED

4:52 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Friday, November 26

I hAtE IT!!!

3:30 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, November 23

yo. Im back.. Aint busy.. and sImply not busy!! But jus lazy to blog.
somemore i slept at 5plus am these few days provided with my work and bla bla..
sImply cant sleep and hmmm.. yeaha...

wEnt swImmIn wIth lIna jus now.. hEhe.. so coolIn and WOOOHOOO {nothin la}
bOught two vcd.. one is the {Grandma and her ghosts!!} i sImply love thIs show.. although is cartoon and is in two language which i don know how to change and listen until so "xin ku" but then i still cried over it.. Its like so nICE!!!
ok ok mI go catch my show le. the "bo li xie" in channel 8. =P blEah*

10:28 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, November 22

{PromIse - SIMPLE PLAN!!}

Breakdown I cant take this
I need somewhere to go
I need you Im so restless
I dont know what to do
Cause we've had our rough times
Fighting all night
And now you've just slipping away
So give me this chance
To make the wrongs right, to say
Don't, don't, don't walk away
I promise I wont let you down, you down
If you take my hand tonight I promise
We'll be just fine this time
If you take my hand tonight If you take my hand tonight
Without you I go through the motions
Without you its just not quite the same
Without you I don't want to go out
I just wanted to say
That I'm sick of these fights
I'll let you be right
If it stops you from running away
So just give me this chance
To make the wrongs and right to say
Dont, dont, dont walk away
I promise I wont let you down, you down
If you take my hand tonight
I promise Well be just fine
This time If you take my hand tonight

{And bla bla bla}...

11:54 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Saturday, November 20

There's an everlasting storm blowing through the night
I feel love, I feel hate right by my side...
Tears like rain falling down, don't know what to do
I remember those days, can't get over you

You decided to leave and told me nothing but lies
got no reason to live, I need you by my side
There are so many things, you didn't come up to
I'm surrounded by pain, can't get over you

=Can't get over you by Groove coverage=

1:53 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

I m totally useless..
I wish to talk to him
and he tok to mi first
i m so damn agRRH!! can fly =)
but everything just not right
Once again
I rather you don tok to mI
thIs is not wat i wan
I am not the one who thInk I am
my heart is stIll carrIed away by you
my reply: yeah why not
to your Q
my water falls starts
and its still flowing down like no one buisness
mr clown tok to mi
he know i m sad
and he is one of them as well sayin
another day will be fine
i m a happy gurl why sad
should be happy
bla bla bla
AND what the SHIT
CANT any one happy go lucky be sad?
HA am i heartless?
do you know how lonely inside am i
i need someone not something.
something is for you to wipe away your tears
someone is to heal and hold you
how the hell will you know how deep it is
even if not show on my face
my face?? full of smile to customer every now and then
tts when my real smile. love to tok to customer. got good sales
why? just to keep myself busy!! you think wat. HA hardworking
I am but for wat?

Anyone know.
Yeaha i know some do. as you haf same situation
not like mi, but just the feelin will do
"jia jia you ben nan yan de jin"
bei ju happening now and then
and i know i m consider fortunate
happiness for them{bei ju} is just maybe a piece of food or something tt make them survive will do.
but for us? wat can enable us to be "jus" happy
recieve a present?
human expect alot. you may say you don expect anything from your love one.
BUT didnt you expect him/her to love you more than you love back?
HA. Yeaha i think i tok too much..

2:33 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Friday, November 19

AGRRRH SImply BorEd!!! nothIng to do.. so decIded to blog..
my eyes cannot open bIg bIg.. so dIffIcult to opEn it..
sImply maybe i use It too much to hold on to my water* tt wantIng to come out?? I guess. yeaha.
why?? hEhe.. ok ba I thInk i wIll leave It when i watch funnIe funnIe show or SaddenIng shOw then I let It out ba. =P thEn got stupId reason to gIve lo.. hor?? stupId IdIotIc mI!!! hEhe. HAIZ!! sometIme be Idiot also not bad huh..
lIfe's a struggle by shawn Song yue tIng.. yO yo Yo YO.. haha MaddIE maddIe.. mI!! kuai feng diao.. kEke.. gonna work tml le.. so I simply end it hEre?? yeaha so fook off pls.. Wahahaha
Ignore mI as well..

anyway uh huh.. bought my SIMPLE PLAN jus now. Black & White. and the greatest for the Blue thingy.. hehhe not quite bad huh.. kEke.. LalALa.. be maddIe lIke mI helps.. help wat?? help to destress lo.. keke... SHUT UP. Welcome to my lIfe.. sIng song helps wOr..
AGRRRRRH!!! HAIX.. maybe i m jus sEarchIng what I lost =P
('-' )(._. )('-')( ._.)( '-')

1:01 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Thursday, November 18

shOo shoO so So sO happY!! hahaha..
= got three hundred plus for sales today
= did two tooth fary for ppl!!! {my fIrst tIme ya know}
= kEna prAise by alot ppl {paIseh} haha
= hmmm.. don know le

Jus know tt now i very hungry.. kEke.. Sho so So sO hungry..
hEhe tml i wan go outram park there!! ermm i mean lAter.. kEkE.. go there buy CD!!! Wahahah prepare my money liao.. i wan buy many many!! i WAn SIMPLE PLAN.. Then go see my luck, see whether can find GTO de Vcd or not!!! Wahahaha... i mIss the show

Now also so borIng.. Wish to chat.. Also wIsh to chat wIth hIm.. but don know chat wat leh.. kekek.. haix. also wan to go down 7 11 buy something eat but simply too lazy to do it.. =P Anyway good the nighty!! LalALa..

1:04 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, November 16

YOooOohOooo.. I'm Back ..
= thInkIn back that why he tok to mI
= Basically some1 called hIm
= and I hAf nOthIng to sAy
= i told hEr, nOt becOs to call hEr to scOld you
= i tOld hEr, jus bEcos I wAn to shArE wIf sOmE1
= and nOw i am nOt gOnnA tEll heR anythIng
{sound so kiddo} watEver.
= nah...
= nO Regrets. {reAlly??}
= AnswEr?

Woah yeah yesterday, ermm i mean today mOrning.. and its really mOrIning. 1. 2 Am.. we chatted fOr like two hour plus.. hahha using that skype.. hIs name same as the HER i mention above though. But kekE. dIffErent ppl you see.. hAha.. thIs mInghuI know him through thIs Idiotic compAny TVM... Although Its somEkInd of Idiotic BUT I mIss it sOmEhOw.. Really!!
Thats my first job ovEr there.. and Its an Outdoor sales thIngy... so tIrIng yet so FUN.. Agrrrh my memories all fly back liao.. lolXx
theRes **SKy** .* *RichArd**. **Darryl**<< my sup.. **huI huI** you rmb them ma?? hahha... I rEally mIss you all!! Ouch' yestErday contactEd thIs yOung bOy.. keke mInghui.. yEahha.. Hey i lEarn alOt from hIm as well you know... thAnkz boI...

Hmmm... got to go and wOrk le... =P sEe ya..

10:33 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Sunday, November 14

Sunday night.
Got the strength and courage.
Dialled up the phone
ask for him.
Question marks?
Ans: don know.
End with a Goodbye.
Out of my mind
Drowsiness caused by medicines
Wished to finish all

10:46 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

hmm went k box yesterday then nv go to the camp with kebbie. abit bad hor.. But really. i am damn sick. but i really wan to chill out. feeling so miserable inside and out. quarrel with my mum jus now.. then breakdown.. feeling so stress inside. maybe the same stuff that is hiding inside mi.. i jus don feel right. i wish to get rid of it.. but how.. nothin make mi comfortable than his one word.. where is my "him"? i don know.. =P tell you guys something.. actually i jus wake up.. wahhaha.. =S hmmm... yeah do you think i should go out?

Anyway Selamat hari raya. Enjoy wor ppl.. =)

1:02 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Friday, November 12

Faint.. took so many kind of medicine at one go.. somemore will get drowsiness.. haix jus eat it.. so i think haven take effect ba.. haiz i think got medicine also good.. i will keep myself asleep and numb and wont feel any pain.. is only tt maybe i cant escape from dream as well.. i might dream of it and i did it before.. and its a nightmare.. wth..

Im tryin hard to be happy.. i use my result to tell mysef tt i should be happy and i even bring my mum and meiying to makan (so call celebrate) =P abit lame but nvm.. although result not tt good but at least no need to retake.. and shit i m just deceiving myself. but tInkx..** Guess if i am enjoyin myself or have no worries, my body will be as good. so now.. i need to cheer up.. really!! now. jus simply no one cares abt mi.. yupz theres one.. my mum. she keep naggin non stop but i know its all for mi. But i jus simply cant stand it but to quarrel with her i cant ocntrol my temper as well.. *xiaowei* i read your blog and yeah mi same situation as you abit.. jus simply cant control your temper right..
my paperheart is bleeding. (weishen should know the song hor? =p)

Anyway nighty.. waiting myself to turn in and get well soOn. =S Im like an idiot. hmmm forget it..

11:24 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Get back my result le. alrighty. constant lo. =p But i really wanna chill out. am stuck in the rut. no lIfe. can dIe. empty. abandoned. exhuasted. lIfeless. left behInd. sIck!!!
went to see doctor jus now.. before tt cousIn and meIying come my house.. i fEel so bad.. they watchIng Troy. and i slept in my roOm.. =p am really tIred but just wanna go out. =S
bUt so sIck.. so mIserable... wEak!!! Anyway i m damn pissed with all his reply!!! shit mI

9:43 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Thursday, November 11

gettin result soon in few more mins time, posted online which is 12 november... now i feel the stress liao.. before was workIng so thEres no fEelIng at all.. but nOw.. Damn.. but actually also nothIng rIght... hmmm fail thEn dIe lo. tts all.. no bIg dEal.. wateveR. theEn wat for i still typE so much.. IdiotIc mI.

weIshen come cineleisure fInd mI wIth a prEtty gIrl.. hEhe.. dIdnt tok to them much also.. i busy they also busy.. kkeke.. haiz. todAy de sales.. SADed.. hundred plus.. and reminder tt today is a holiday... hmm.. tml =) i going out to Kboxie!!! with my pal sean!! wanna breakdown le.. and yeah haven decide where to meet boy.. so where you wanna meet???


11:18 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Wednesday, November 10

. hmmm..2:55am and i m still here bloggIn. also don know wat the hell am i doing.. anyway got to work tml.. so good the nighty.. Bored to DEATH. wish to do something different.. Anyone wanna lead the way? I wanna chIll out.. stuff wIth too many stuff.. suffocating!!

2:55 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, November 9


WoooOoooHooOOoo... bOught somEthIng today.. Am so happIe.. bought a skIrt. and is those guys in scotland who blow those trumpet thingy.. watever... hahha i just bought those skirt which they always wear... hahha so cool... in red and black colour.. wahhaha...

mOrnIng Is so sImply so so mOody.. but at nIght.. wow.. better la.. haha. *BlEah.

11:32 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, November 8

.stuck in a rut.
watched the princess dairies with my two dardarling.. ermm nothin much to say as well.. working tml also. =P got a nice pair of earring from the shop..its from my boss de sista. she made all those by herself. so talented hor. kekek.. =) unique as well.. so do come my shop. *bLEaH.

yUpx. went swimmIng jus now.. and heheh abit blackie blackie le.. after the swim go makan pizza hut.. so D E L I Cious... hehe.. meet a new fren of ves.. hahha he perform magic for us.. He got SPecIal POwEr!!! unbelieveable.. he can float abit.wat i mean is tt he can lift himself up on the floor.ermm.. nvm. but he didnt show!!! i wan to see next time on 28 nov. hope he will be there(www).. so cool..

yeah gIving hIm time.. mI very goOd orh.. hhaah i wait.. you may think who.. but yeah, its you. =P hOpe GOd will gIve mI a nIce reply orh.. i mEan you orh.. wahahhaha...

11:58 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

When I'm with you
Simple Plan

I taking my time
I'm trying to leave the memories of you behind
I'm gonna be fine
As soon as I get your picture right out of my mind
I wanna feel the way you make me feel
When I'm with you
I wanna be the only hand
You need to hold on to
But every time I call
You don't have time
I guess I'll never get to call you mine

You're nothing at all
I know theres a million reasons why I shouldn't call
With nothing to say
Could easily make this conversation last all day

I wanna feel the way you make feel when I'm with you
I wanna be the only hand ya need to hold on to
But everytime I call you don't have time
I guess I'l never get to call you mine
Another lesson I didn't get to learn
You're my obsession
I've got nowhere to turn
I wanna feel the way you make me feel whne I'm with you
I wanna be the one you hold on to...

1:08 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Saturday, November 6

Tears are welling up in my eyes.
Making me cry. I heard the voice in my head, telling me not to cry..
But i just couldn`t hold back my tears.
Ask yourself why. Waiting for the happiness.
Which was lost a long time ago.
When will i ever find it again?

I really don't know.
Maybe i'll not find it at all..
I'm starting to cry..
I'm starting to wave and say goodbye..

2:14 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

= SAdEd =
haix.. TOday!!! hmmm wats the day. its 6 of November orh... One month ago....!!! hmmmmm... so shitty.. i don think he rmb... and i hope we can jus meet for a while.. a while will do/.. why cant we.. have something to pass it to you!!! i asked you out. BUT haiz nvm..
i keep feelin tt my eyes is so heavy.. watery watery de.. why?? yawns? oh c'mon.. why am i jus thinkin so much.. and why are you keep "kk-ing" me, or even keep "huh-ing" me.. i have a lot of Questions and why cant you clear them and instead you make mi add a lot of Q as time goes by.

= Simply stupid =
am workin jus now in Sassy again.. =) happily workin.. doing hair extention and so on... and shit me.. i dipped my fingers in the keratin.. you may think wats keratin.. ok keratin is the thingy tt we used to stick to hair on your hair and its a kind of protein in liquid form. =P (promoting) ok ok... and that thingy is jus simply hot.. 150 degree orh.. wat do you think?.. now my fingers bubble bubble de.. OUCH'

1:23 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Thursday, November 4

Hey i thnk i m jus out of my mind somehow... think maybe jus wanna keep mi myself occupied with stuffs.. alrighty. okay tell you wat i bought.. ermmm start from:
1> a stussy pouch
2> a billabong bag (actually nv think of gettin tt) :s out of my mind i repeat
3> gallaz shooeeee
4> an "Above shirt//...
5> esprit de cardigan
6> vOlcOm de bagpack!!
7> if i really get somemore stuff i will be broke./ no way!

I need something!! i mean someone.. and yeah its you!! and i know you wont see my blog.. i mean you don even know i haf a blog. maybe. but yeah. thinkin of you every now and then. but you? nah.. guesss we together is jus a name and tts all.. i really don know "who m i" in your heart le... i hate tt i m being played around but i hope i m not!! am i? =struggling= I bet you too/.. i gave you time and this is wat i get?? i know some ppl browsin through will definitely don understand what i say now. but yeah. forgive mi, let mi jus write in here once. to let him know? uh huh... so gooooooood lucck to myself........

11:18 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

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