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Friday, July 30

At first my comp was sick.. and now my turn.. haix.. got two day Mc from yesterday.. haix i missed out my favourite lesson today!! (Sports and wellness) although today got 2.4run but i don mind... the whole Poly course, i jus love tt.. its like more on the tough training.. love it.. but i m sick.. shit.. hehhe i no need go to work today as well!! =) yippeee..

hehee.. think tt you guys maybe listen to this song untl sian le right? hahah from the beginning of my blog, its already this song le.. wahahha.. nvm la.. its nice right.. (problem is, i don knwo how to change to another nice song) *Bleah..

sIcky smInt.. :s

9:22 AM
-i died and i cameback

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Monday, July 26

hey.. Didn't able to blog in these few days.. Busy you see.. kekek.. Was workin in the weekends.. at cine(Somerset).. can come visit when you are free.. was doing something abt your hair and your tooth fairy thingy.. hahah i haf been the piggy for now my hair was like piece of shit although its already the same in the beginning.. 
and my Second thingy tt why i didnt online or blog in!! cos my laptop wAs like a mess.. its birthday was like less than 2 month.. and i need to use that recovery disc already.. i wonder i buy this satellite laptop for wat.. satellite also cannot connect to the wireless thingy. haiz. i sat at the comp room for like 5 hrs for the past few days.. even the experts also cant save, then no choice.. use tt disc to configure everythin again.. this is the problem when the comp is sick. =) wahahah..
Anyway.. m jaded now.. didnt touch any of my hmwk.. wahahah.. and get to know jus now tt tml theres a test.. and freak.. i don know anything abt tt course.. hahha most of us i mean.. haix.. didnt know wat to do.. lol will think at it tml.. now brain resting.. also don know wat to type le.. receptor also not working tt well.. ciaoz

11:15 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, July 20

Drink too much coffee is damn no good.. it harm your body and not only also keep you damn awake!!! which i m now.. i wan to sleep but.... i CANT''.. yesterday back home from school then got that urge to drink starbucks.. my same old fav drinks again.. and who knows later at night i drank another cup of coffee in coffee bean while waiting for the time to flyyyyy.. and its sucks.. i prefer starbucks. spent like 13 over bucks in coffee yest..WooooHoooo... the point is not there.. the thing is tt i can get to sleep.!. i slept at 1 plus and wake up at 3 plus... =S IMAGNE.. Awwwww...  

6:00 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

yo.. came back not long ago from Deon house.. heheh.. everytime i got negative to say  in the beginning,and in the end will turn out to be good.. so if you guys think something tt will be very boring then think it worse. then it will turn out abit more better than wat you think.. lol.. my method..
lol now got one small green dimond on my toothy.. so cute right?? i mean the toothy la not mi.. :P hehe... then got the hair extention AGAIN.. from that idiotic gary... but hahah willingly to be their piggy for experiment anyway.. lol next time you wan all this trendy thingy.. come orchard find mi. i do for you.. will very pro one.. kekek somemore we all is damn reasonable price orh.. you wont be regretting.. hahha somemore my collegue very chio one.. hehe.. shes 20 but she look like roughly 17-18.. so sweet looking gurl.. =) so happy. lol.. waited for like 1 hour plus plus jus now.. but ok la.. i don blame them cos i know they busy.. but once again.. i will still like to complain.. =P i wed go for training orh.. i must jiayou le.. hehhe
Anyway the business start this friday.. so hope ppl will go support support.. lol. say is simin friend can already.. wahahhaa.. hehhe.. is at cineleisure.. cool right... aiyo i must work hard.. wan everyone to be happy.. ChEers!! i really wish to help them.. lets jiayou ba for everything we aim for and no matter helpin ppl or yourself, jus do your best.. in your o level or watever.. gOod luck.
i got hmwk to do!!! but haiyo heck care liao.. jus do two question then i sian1/2 le...

12:40 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, July 19

Agrrrh.. i m now at home.. today is the earliest to be in my sweetie house.. but then.. guess wat, my boss called mi to go for training today.. the time and place set le.. and its FREAKING far lo.. at eunos.. and somemore at 8pm.. DAmn then wat time i will be at home.. alamak.. and i tok to her on the fone after i recieve her sms.. then i ask her whether is there any attire tt i need to wear there.. then she say no need.. cos its at her house.. !!! WHY HER HOUSE SO FAR.. haix... not tt i don wan to help her but.. haiyo... i thinkin of comin back from school then go sleep then burn my cd then go do hmwk and sleep for tml.. but then now... i haven do my hmwk yet.. agrrrh...
i abit happy abit angry.. i also donknow.. cos actually ok lo.. go training.. its like a must ba i guess.. cos helping my boss to do the work.. actually not boss la.. is my friend.. hahha.. then i can help then help lo.. i angry is tt.. found out tt the place is her house make mi angry.. lol cos thinking why cant she come my house... hahah.. no la.. BUT.. haiyo.. don know la.. c',)
happy is tt i kind of excited in the training.. hahah but nv ever expect tt is at enous.. Sob Sob.. haix.. nvm la.. i taking it more easy now when i complain everything out.. heheh

4:42 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Sunday, July 18

LalALa.. Precisely i m bored again.. Woooo.hoooo... haix.. haha.. basically haf nothing to do. haha..
went in to mel(which is our school website) in the morning to do my homework.. and then there is this module called DEl. then this DEL required us to do the assignment.. and it allows us to haf mutiple attempt of doing it, as in to get a better grade when you repeat and do the assignment. and i did it in school on friday with my friend. i got 90% in the end.. which is great.. lol.. then i thought of getting a 100% at home since i haf nothin to do.. and thought of that the program or the comp will store the higest marks in it.. who knows... shit i repeat the assignment.. and i got 60%.. then i panic.. cos the marks drops from 90% to 60%.. so shitty right.. i of course kan chiong.. somemore lower than average.. hahha.. ok and there goes my second attempt.. damn.. got 50%.. lol.. got lower.. cant believe it.. haix and you know wat until my fourt attempt then i get back my 90%.. :P then i stopped there le.. will nv try pressing tt again.. - End -
my stupid-ness jus now..
*Bleah.. this is jus abit abt mi.. lol.. alot more which you will find out more if your my darling >> mua-ying lor.. kekE..

2:15 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, July 13

Aiya.. now stress so come in blog blog lo.. hahah cos wed got test then thurs also got test.. wed is somemore close book test and is a subject which is related to computer.. computer to mi.. hmmm.. no comments yet.. i mean now.. cos was revising it jus now.. thinking need to know wats router for, bridges, hubs, repeater, MANs, LANs.. and so on in the comp.. alamak.. this make mi sick.. hahha but i still write all down. plan to read it tml morning when i m in the bus lo.. heeh wat can i do.. BLEAH** haix.
and yeah actually nv plan to do any revision jus now until my classmate called mi.(weishen) he asked wat to study.. and confirm tt he is in the mid of studying therefore he will ask right.. then i was thinking.. Since a guy who play like CS in school which i think abit not appropriate will study at home leh.. then i still tokin tokin to meiying.. abit not guai.. so hehe take my laptop and see the presentation teacher posted in web lo.. hehhe. then realised lucky i take out my book jus now. cos if i really start studying tml i sure cannot make it one..

yupx.. today i go school by that taxi with that "Hip" uncle tokin tokin non stop.. but hes cute la.. i mean the way he say thing and so on.. an indian man who can be a fortune teller if he tired to be a taxi driver. and also a good story teller who will rmb stories so well.. hmm i guess he say the same story to every person ba.. hahha luckily i m quite awake already. or else he will be in deep shit.. cos keep bugging at us when we wan to haf Peace.. Overall alrighty la.. hahha but why am i still tokin so much.. hahha ok ok i stop le la..hehe chEers..GoodIe gooodie..

12:00 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, July 12

yo.. blog again now.. now in school. early in this time. hehe actually start my course at 9 but jus accompany lina to school earlier.. haix.. hehe poly life is alrite.. i find it better everyday cos i begin to like the course.. you know why? cos theres maths.. i love maths.. as its not boring.. and i think is useless in a way.. haha *Bleah.. theres jus something i still don know abt this course.. i need to know alot abt computer which i hate it.. hahha... computer.. God..haiz he know mi, i don know him.. tts the point.. so shitty right.

8:05 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, July 6

Can anyone cheer me up please.. i m real lethargic now.. Agrrr.. trying not to think about school work.. its damn stress.. not really appropriate to use stress but its really tiring i can say tt.. haiz..
bought a sport shoe yesterday le.. so happie.. although not my ideal school but i love it in the first sight.. errr don know how to say.. ya tts wat i mean ba.. hhaha then i buy lo.. hehe..
... speechless again/..

7:52 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, July 5

yo. . good the morning.. haix.. now the time still early..meeting with lina downstairs at my block.. our house jus two blk away.. near right?? kekke.. Anyway haf a great time yesterday.. was celebrating my darling b'day.. bought her the Sins chocolate.., a cool card,, a specially burned cd with lyrics.. and we treated a fabuloouuss meal at Heeren at the upper level.. the restruant was like cool.. with those red seats..nice waitress and waiter and those picture hung on the wall.. and the food was like heaven.. really.. didnt bluff you.. hhaha. =P but the food you caan nv finish..unless you are those kind of ppl who eat threee bowl of rice per day.. no la.. exaggerating.. =P yeah and went to hmv.. guess wat.. we bought like ermm more than 10 vcd i guess.. woah.. tts the first time i buy so many vcd.. hahha of course i didnt owned them all.. hehe.. and guess wat.. i longed for the CD and my tt two darling bought it for mi!!! Artist: Saliva... Album: Back into your system... Fav song in it..:: Rest in Pieces.. love it... end here le.. love you guys.. and yeah happiebirthday to my two dear friend.. you know hu you are.. =)

6:25 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Thursday, July 1

damn shit yesterday. bought three books from school and it cos mi abt 100 bucks.. and its fucking thick and heavy.. you know those thick sec 4 D&T text book.. my one book is twice the size and weight.. imagine the three of my tt book equal to 6 of your D&T text book.. oh God and i put those in the red plastic bag.. and haven walk few steps away from bookshop.. our bags is like cannot hold it.. heheh then my friend go and take somemore.. so wat like tt.. like buying durian.. Man.. so malu.. haha.. and yesterday going back from school i slept in the bus.. somemore raining.. haix talking abt the travelling time can kill man. the travelling back and fro abt two hrs.. you know this two hr can study alot of stuff.. hahha i did some revision only in the travelling time.. so guai right.. cos when reach home.. got that home sweet home feeling.. where got ppl want study?? hahha maybe la.. but nvm la.. first week lax abit.. Ooopsy..

and today also a long day from the time i wake up which is 5 plus till end of school 6 plus.. then heheh meet up with my darling(mua ying) to go eat that sushi thingy and the swensen thingy.. alamak suddenly wallet less 30 bucks.. hahha.. but stomach full full.. heheh.. not bad la.. in chinese we say " nen chi shi fu " =)

ok don say le.. tml need to wake up super early.. hahha cos lesson starts 8Am... BUT WAIT ... you know wat!!! lecturer call us don late!! BUT they LATE. wat shit is this.. GOd.. pls take note.. i mean to those teachers.. hehhe Dont be late as well!! we nvm la.. we pay you money leh.. =X

10:18 PM
-i died and i cameback

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