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Tuesday, April 27

stuck at home. gonna continue my work till end of june.. hmm.. we don wish to. heck care.

met my cousin jus now. passed her something then we go makan and then separate way le. and then i appear here.. hehe..
yesterday went k box with meiying.. was like quite boring.. spent almost half the day in there room blast with our song.. hehe.. love the =more to life= by stacie orrico. But still boring..

Actually theres something on last Sat in GB.. and i planned to go but nah.. something crop up... its been long time since i went to school, my granny house, to alot of things.. bla bla bla..

3:45 PM
-i died and i cameback

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Tuesday, April 20

Went shopping damn happily yesterday with the pay we got on 15th. and shit you know how much i get. Only 691.25!!! so shitty right. cause still got give us CPF.. and only 6hundred plus. and it minus my hp bill minus those money i owe my mom.. and its like left those money enough for one day!!!! hahah but i still manage to spend like hundred plus yesterday..

aku want to quit working. where got ppl don accept resign letter one!! agrrrh... sick of it.. then pay so little and want us to work so much.. we really work alot for them ok.. and somemore we always give them sales one.. where can like tt.. i still got one friend is like he go back office to do paperwork which they call him to do in order to get more money cos he told the company tt he want to support the whole family. he really work man.. and he got one child who only like 5mths old and you know how much he got.. 5hundred plus. speechless.

1:38 PM
-i died and i cameback

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Wednesday, April 14

huppie... heheh.. got two brand new CD... sOmething cOrpOrate and the Ataris.. wohoo.. left saliva alone in the HMV.. heheh don misunderstand or blur.. heeh singer named -saliva- is so damn great too... it cost 28 plus plus.. if today i buy all three i wont be able to eat pastamania with mua ying le.. hheh.. so happie!!! cos tml is pay day.. pls!! at least give mi 1000+.. don think tt i haf high expectation or wat k. cos the 1000+ bucks is for 1.1/2 months...

:P went to NP today. long trip there u know.. haix. no choice. i will need to continue this life for three yrs!! hmm saw an apple latop. hahah wat i mean is > a laptop with the brand of -apple-. :P it jus cost 2100 bucks plus.. not ex rite.?? i don know leh. cos go to the poly must bring laptop le la.. haix also don know must happie or not happie. hahah.. i very idiotic rite. hehe..

the song jus rock!!! shhhhhhhhhhh.. don disturb mi....

8:35 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Wednesday, April 7

results out!!.. hahah yesterday didnt get to sneak in the show.. do i really look so young. the situation was like this :--
Rachel < our director call us all go in.. and was like so damn lots of ppl go and watch the show in our company. was like 20-30 over ppl. and the four of us get caught. whose that four of us.. hahah.. Andrew, Aloy, mua ying, and smint. hahah. so idiot man.. Rachel was like so annoy, not abt us is abt the staff. she called the guy to call out their manager and he did.. here come the manager and then Rachel keep scolding and fight back for us. we was like shocked man.. meiying and i was like standing there and keep on saying "reallie nvm, its ok" then the boss < gerial say nvm. and rachel keep fight back for us. cos the boss bought the tickets through the AXS thingy. therefore theres no such thingy as refund so Rachel again angry. nvm.. then they abt to go in and the manager turn and look at us and ask question. ( i also forget what he ask) then rachel turn back and ask the manager what he want to do with us. she told the manager not to talk to us as we are her staff.. i mean she jus wan to protect us from any other questioning. and again the manager got kind of scolded.

then i pulled meiying out. i mean if we still there, they will still fight here and there. and i guess drake they all call the staff to arrange another show for us to watch... and damn it. they arrange "the eye 2" for us. so shit. and some more andrew watch it before. hahah. meiying and i then on my discman and listen to our songs. therefore the show is also useless to us. but then since they like arrange everything le we cant like jus say go off. so we jus sit there and sleep. after the show, it was like 11plus. it was at Ps then all the shop was like close. then we sit outside the Mac and haf some talk. and we talk talk talk and it pass 12. no train. haha no la.. we catch the last train at 12.15am
and the story end here. haha.
today stay at home arrange all my songs and got songs recorded in Cds.. heheh..
saw Something Corporate Cd in Hmv... tml is the day tt i will owned it. mahahah. hehe. see ya

4:33 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, April 6

got a new song in my blog... you noticed it le ma?? heheh.. nice rite.. its Konstantine by Something Corporate
its long man. 9mins plus.. wanna sing it along with mi!! later meeting my company ppl and go watch movie. heard tt they are going to watch the passion thingy. its M18... and im still 16. hahah. nvm.. guess can sneak in rite?? haha. will see.

2:09 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, April 5

Heya.. you know wat. i so happy. at least all my effort is not wasted. the nbps de fancy drill got a silver medal. so happy although silver la, not gold but then when u see them practice de time u will only give them a certificate. BUT then they got a silver.!!! we teach one leh. lol. the formation also we come out one leh.!!! hahaha inside got kebbie, wanni, weiting and me!!! they won something back. at least. =)
and 47th coy also got a silver. although i know some of them not really happy abt the result but its already very good. and heard that their fancy drill is much more better than ours. how i wish i can see it. so happy for all of them. Gb rules. heheh although think not going back to serve but i still care wats going on and will maybe go and help in those small small stuff which need ppl to help one esp drill. hehe.

today is the last day of work of every week. damn tired man. and company say go to watch movie together on tues. abit weirdie rite. haix jus hope they just pay us as soon as possible. i need money. hahah. left another 10 more days to pay day. please give mi more than 800 bucks man.. cos most probably more than 70% will be with my mom. or else i will be eating shit again... agrrrh i always don know wat to say in blog besides all this.. cos i guess this is all i can say here. good the bye. see the you. have a good day. bye bye =)

12:59 AM
-i died and i cameback

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