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Tuesday, June 29

agrrh damn bored.. now doing nothn in school and shit i bring this laptop for nothin man.. haiyo always sitting here alone. who will comw find mi? and i haf another break at 2pm later. again don know do wat. went through all the notes jus now.. but haix.. is there any thing interesing for mi? dont tell mi i m gonna stuck here alone in this corner for three yrs.. and these really cant be compared to secondary school man.. at least first day of school, i really find someone that i can treat as friend.. not like now.. all so cool and die die.. wanna make friend with them but haiya see their face then hais don wan le.. hahha... aiya.. jus let mi bullshitting can le.. i just wanna waste my time here.. Agrrh don know wat to do... also don know wat to write man.. shit you..

11:33 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, June 28

First day of school.. sad that nothing happening.. and everything so die.. and buy so many books.. and sitting there alone tokin to meiying on phone for abt an hour. and tml got to bring this laptop which i don know how to activate that wireless thingy.. God.. and so fast got test le.. its at Aug and Sept is the exam period.. Gooodness.. hate it.. and today i dan clumsy in school as well.. drop these that here and there.. Bleah* everything wAS like really bad to mi.. worse than secondary school.. i really hope things get better when days goes by.. hmmm. not being "not optimistic" here but hahah don know la.. :p

hahah tml another day.. hope nothin went wrong with my comp thingy.. cos first lesson in school need to use it le.. haix.. and shit.. the textbook or rather lecture notes so heavy..!! hahah so many complaint abt poly stuff.. but actually not bad la.. just tt i only state the 'not good' side here.. hahah.. i guess the cca will be better.. kekke.. =p

7:12 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

hmmm. feeling not very right. and today first day of school. mi still don know how to go to my room and don know which modules i m taking yet.. hehe.. i also don know why i go to the orientation for.. :p guess will go there and find out first..
hmm and know no one in my class, but at least some nice people in this course.. and they are so cute.. those new friends of mine are from all around china, india.. i seems like tok to them alot.. and they are so friendly..

now cant sleep.. saw tt yicong(Andrew) online.. lucky that my course started at 9 instead of 8am.. heheh.. gdluck my friend..

6:06 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Saturday, June 26

i am back.. virus everywhere in my comp. now using my laptop.. the main one need to get repair as it sick... damn sick.. so sad..
and please.. when you owe ppl money pls return. but if you want to extend the dateline say so.. and i aso don know why suddenly got three ppl borrow from mi.. and the amount add together is over two hundred++.. and only two return.. at least something.. but i m sad that one friend betrayed mi.. haix.. anyway that money he borrowed is not mine.. its my mum... but i guess worse ba.. haiyo don know le la..

headache with my msn and bloggy!!

4:00 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Saturday, June 12

i have that fucking attitude again which i hate it myself!!..just got that frustrated emotion.. maybe i get used to be left alone.. or.. i dont know..liked to be left alone..and hate when ppl tok to mi at the wrong time.agrrr..
Hate my com.. guess virus everywhere.. kept sending message by it own..How? i also don know.. kill it..

LOST!!! aku don wan to go SChool!!! NP so big and shit, i know no one.. and meiying as well. we both in same boat.. and somemore kebbie not in her school anymore le.. we both wonder hows the ppl in school now will be like. as bitchy as last time? or arse.. in another few more days i will be busy.. heard that need to hand in project and assignment every week.. OH GOD.. haix i don know wat to write le.. do keep in contact. bye.

3:05 PM
-i died and i cameback

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