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Friday, May 28

=) out of that stupid company.. finally..
But i am still the same stuck in the a physic textbook from kebbie jus now so guess need to buck up and study my physic which i haf no knowledge abt it.. aku study bio and chem.. how the hell will i know abt engineering.. haiz.

mIssIng all my friends.. my that two darlIng, another two more crazI frIend(huI2 & lydIa) ... more to go...wahhaha.. goIng to be mad soon.. where got chan sImIn spend so long at home one.. only this once..

-mInI mInt smInt-

2:03 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Wednesday, May 26

Anyway got a new blog.. aware of that?? heheh.. its i blog to both of them.. anyway its the same.. its just the way how you want to see it.. =)

28 < my lovely number...
but 28 june i will need to go to school le.. school may be fun but.. haiz.. its another begining of my next journey. its cool but.. w/o my darling.. how can tt be!!! shes will be starting her school in july.. (i meant meiying =P)haix.. so fast.. Engineering. can i cope?? i m still struggling with this!! at this time.. hmmm.. abit too late.. wahahha*

Anyway who cares... Now just enjoy muaself first la. today liwei bird day.. huppie birthday to you!! tml will be a goodie day for me and my darling!! hahah. i m still cursing IMC.. Muahahah. LalaLa.

=mInI mInt smInt=

4:24 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, May 24

nothing to say.. been stuck at home for two weeks.. haix.. been sitting at the small corner of my sofa watchin tv vcd and so on.. hahah.. also got scolding by my mom and aunt..=P cos got itchy hand.. i itchy hand kept peeling off the marks on my face and so on.. then left marks also.. bleah... ermm maybe you are confused.. hahah wat i meant is my chickenpox =p

Damn fucking angry.. cannot get my pay yet.. i dont care i thurs will go back IMC and make a scene there.. Fuck them... idiotic person... anyhow sack people then dont give them pay... (i mean those junior) then give us a tight schedule.. then don allow us to take leave and so on...!!! cant take it.. wanna quit!! wanna get out of the office by this month... hahah anyway i got mc until 30 May.. so need not haf to do curse them.. but i guess they very difficult bankrupt.. =s cos too big a company.. jus hope someone will sue them.. cause they scare things to be worse and cause them trouble.. hahah..
God bless..

5:07 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, May 11

Agrrrh.. shit.. you know wat.. i'm sick. terrible.. small little chicken chicken pox pox.. gonna get stuck at home for like three weeks!! hahah actually two weeks la.. but i got three weeks MC.. muahaha. Curse IMC... no sales.. wahahah. w/o mi see how you survive.. (ermm) alrighty.. i m bullshitting.. Anyway i m real sick.. and lethergic. so you all free must accompany mi leh.. i don know for wat but nvm.

anyway ya.. those o level student and so on.. havin their exam rite.. so wish you all the best.. must work hard hard k.. with mi blessing you all will surely do well one... =s hehe..
and whoever want to get chicken pox pox can come find mi.. hehe =P

9:55 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Thursday, May 6

God.. been workin stright for like 8 days.. damn shit man... curse him.. (drake)
but its cool working in the california fitness centre.. the trainer and chicks was like so cool.. we all all become friend le.. hehe later go in got discount. haha. no la.. quite lot of ppl sign up cards there with us.. cos all roughly eligible one for credit cards.. the air con in there was like super chill.. damn.. was so cold in tere.. tml need to work in DFG section again... i wish i will be in the california thingy one instead of the one in DFG.. neil said i will be stationed in Northpoint this time.. but NO WAY man... Yishun sure no sale one man... Goodness.. so you guys must come visit mi k.. hahah don want la.. i want to be in california there.. so good.!!!

Agrrrh ... torture... i demand my pay soon! IMC is a cheat company.. Ooops.. i didnt say IMC stands for anything huh :P *bleah... hehe... bushed

12:13 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

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