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Wednesday, March 31

yeah babe. gonna start work tml. phew. i've been stuck in the rut. doing almost the same thing everyday.
hmmm. not yet get paid!!! its more than one month. hey. everyone here is not happie abt this in the company. haha.
American idol 3 ROX!!! haix its jus a pure entertainment to mi tonite. but it still rox haha.
tml is april fool. so rmb BE caution. haha.. hmm and tml is the first thurs tt we need to go back to company and this is wat neil told us.. so is this a trick? hahha. its still -unknown- Bleah

11:03 PM
-i died and i cameback

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Tuesday, March 23

oh shit. where should i go. hmm. on monday i went to Ngee Ann and theres some ppl at the booth helping ppl like mi who go there and re apply and one of the teacher told mi that with my score i definitely can go into the electrical engineering. and she even wrote down my name to make sure i can go in. cos she know tt i was not posted to any course yet. and yeah i haf no intention of going in for a engineering course. goodness. i kinda hate it when you are in the middle. cant go in to the course you want. and able for you to go in poly but to the course you..... hmm...

nvm. i now still haf few choices. firstly : is to go in poly and study my engineering and if i really still want accountancy i can still go study private for it. but the problem here is tt, wat if tt i fail my engineering thingy. how? i waste my three yrs is it? is the fact tt i haf no interest in these. =s
hmm secondly is tt i can go in ite for accountancy for the first two years and go in to the second year poly and continue with it. and the problem here is tt wat if i did not get into the top 10%? hmm..
thirdly i can go straight to private without taking any poly course or ite course but jus private. i will definitely come out with a dip faster than anyone of us. but the problem is they teach too fast so don know whether can cope not.

i know i very idiot.every choice i haf an excuse but its the fact isnt it. so i told xavier tt i'm lost. as i chatted with him jus now. hmm maybe you can say tt i can give the engineering for a try but its totally different from Design and Technology when we studied in sec sch. and tts the sub i performed well tts why i m welcomed to tt course as well.. theres jus a BUT for mi..

haha.. wat can i say.
=study hard=

10:37 PM
-i died and i cameback

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Saturday, March 20

hey. =) something bad news in my company. my boss kena terminate becos of those irresponsible full timer. and i guess now hes job less. actually everyone in the company sign a contract and if you wanna quit, you need to give the company one month notice but they did not. and they just get their ass of out it and run without paying anything back to the company. and their punishment is to return $1400 back to company but my good boss (gary) let them off. and shit. becos of this i guess the company sack him. and before he go he still fight for the rights for those full timer who he had trained and is also left two of them. initially theres 15 of us trained by him and now left two full timer and three part timer. so now. may God bless him. haiz.

One more sad news
hehe. today got the posting of where to go and so on like this right. and my result is nowhere to go. so guess on monday i will go ite and see what can be done. Meiying will go with mi as well. she at least got the posting successfully. she going to Bishan ite. at least something. hmm will see abt it.

And today is meiyings birthday!! :>

11:07 AM
-i died and i cameback

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Wednesday, March 17

Woah.. hehe missing it.. my life. my comp. my music. so hows you guys been doing?? hehe.. i off leh. kekek.. jus watched tt Haunted mansion.. actually supposed to watch it yest night.. BUT... some blur sotong lost the tickets!!! idiotic rite?? yeah tts mi!!! *i didnt mean it :P
alot of things also happen within this week.. :P hehe yest we celebrate meiying b'day in advance.. and its the day tt we can see ivy.. hehe.. the reunion of the three of us.. hehe

oh ya. i nv mention abt my result at all hor? hmm.. my Os ar.. i'm damn happy abt it although not really tt good. but the most impt is tt i pass my ENG and maths!! haiz. poly life? or ite life neh?? hmmm... 20th March is the posting le... do we need to go back to school for tt? i dont knoe

shit. there is a changes in our boss thingy. haiz. will dreaks be good?? why gary nv in charge le? too stress for him?? hehe. he much more better cause we can argue with him but dreaks... hmmm.. and gary will also be damn good to his ppl(as in his guy) but sometime unexpected storm.. haiyo. hope we can be part timer back.. cause actually we are part timer but alot of ppl drop out and in the end we take their place for like two weeks. =s

cant remember wat thingy to type le. so gonna end here. =) Dont miss mi k. hehhe. sEe yOu.

6:03 PM
-i died and i cameback

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Monday, March 8

Woah its beEn some time since i blog in... Been workin.. hehe.. this time de boss not bad la.. last wed went to nbps to teach those kiddie then woah. impressive. they improved alot. but angry la, cause they run here and there.. alamak. then the rest of the day busying askin ppl to take this promotion that ppl will get $50 hard cash credited into their account after the approval by the bank. hmm i become promoting here le. =s

you know tt deon. i went to the gurl side and work and bloody shit. they put tt hair extension thingy in my hair cause of the demo thingy and last day of my work there which is on monday was like... hmmm... been using my hair to do demo again!! haiz. nvm i will be gettin my money soon from tt side.. think she will pass it to gary and pass it to mi.. heheh quite lucky for mi to meet this couple though.

and shit. yesterday got one stupid arse complain abt mi. cause i m promoting the bank's card (think not going to say the particular bank name la) and it also come with another free card which is called the choice card. these choice card have this monthly special then i was like giving example but. haix. and the unlucky mi speaking to the project manager of the choice card thingy. then he complain le lo. so shit. kena say by boss. hmm.. nvm la.

=) hehe.. today off. tml also. muahaha.. think today night will go meet my darling. -Ivy- hehe.. tml going out with -mua ying- as well.. =P

happy happy. smint signing off. real good time.

6:06 PM
-i died and i cameback

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