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Saturday, August 30

The Used :- On my own...

see all those people on the ground
wasting time
i try to hold it all inside
but just for tonight
the top of the world
sitting here wishing
the things I've become
that something is missing
maybe I...fuck it
what do I know

and now it seems that i have found
nothing at all
I want to hear your voice out loud
slow it down, slow it down
without it all
I'm choking on nothing
it's clear in my head
and I'm screaming for something
knowing nothing is better than knowing it all

On My Own (X4)
ON MY OWN!!!!! ON MY OWN!!!!

without it all
I'm choking on nothing
it's clear in my head
and I'm screaming for something
knowing nothing is better than knowing it all

On my own (X4)

10:46 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

(0'_'0) Again English course.. Man!! i hope i get back the same teacher as the first lesson and not the second lesson's teacher...Anyway God, did u get my message?
Hehe.. ok ok May God blast u and may God bless mi (kekek jus kiddin =X.)

12:22 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Agrrrh goodness... i spoilt one of my Favourite disc... GOSH!!! then like, the song cant be found in Kazza.... *heartbreaking*

Agrrrhh.. headache.Please don tell mi tts true.. pls tell mi tt u r drunk or something... i don wan to hear tt from u.. nothin happen to the both of us.. i don know u well.. and u ... Gosh!! i hate to listen to those words coming out from ur mouth.. not jus u, but the rest of the guys... pls pardon mi.. i don know whether to hope tt u will c this but anyway this is fer u.. and i know tt i m mean and so on.. but its not now.. understand!

Good charlotte - screamer

12:07 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Thursday, August 28

When i heard tt... I freaked out!!
Screwed up my life man... don wanna tok abt it anymore.. i do feel bad abt it though
- nItEz -

10:20 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, August 26

pierre's tongue
Pierre's tongue

what SIMPLE PLAN body part are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Haha.. its quite lame...

12:46 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Monday, August 25

Fat lip ::--
Storming through the party like my name is El Nino
When I'm a hangin' out drinking in the back of an El Camino
As a kid, was a skid, and no one knew me by name
I trashed my own house party cause nobody came

I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school
Never going, never showing up when we had to.
Its attention that we crave, don't tell us to behave
I'm sick of always hearing "act your age"

I don't want to waste my time
Become another casuality of society.
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down.

Be... cause... you... don't...
Know us at all we laugh when old people fall,
But what would you expect with a conscience so small
Heavy metal and mullets is how we were raised
Maiden and Priest were the gods that we praised.

Cause we like having fun at other peoples expenses
Cutting people down is just a minor offense and,
Its none of your concern, I guess I'll never learn.
I'm sick of being told to wait my turn.

I don't want to waste my time
Become another casuality of society
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down...

Don't count on me, to let you know when.
Don't count on me, I'll do it again.
Don't count on me, it's the point you're missing.
Don't count on me, cause I'm not listening.

Well I'm a no-goodnick lower middle class brat,
Back packed and I don't give a shit about nothing.
You be standing on the corner talking all that kufuffin.
But you don't make sense from all the gas you be huffing.
Then if the egg don't stain you'll be ringing off the hook,
You're on the hit list wanted in the telephone book.
I like songs with distortion, to drink in proportion
The doctor said my mom should have had an abortion.
(abortion, abortion, abortion...)

I don't want to waste my time
Become another casuality of society
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
Back down.

Waste my time with them,
Casuality of society
Waste my time again,
Victim of your conformity
Back down.


8:56 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Sunday, August 24

Oh God! Please do help mi... i m stuck wif my Tv programme... Agrrrhh!! y there is always nice show during examination period..
kekek and i bought some VCD home... (which is original but y now so damn cheap??) Gosh!! I cant stand it anymore.. =X Jus finish watchin a show called "What women want"... And something i m to scratch my head and think "HOW??" >> cos i haf a Qn and don know how to answer it...

" not yet finish my English comprehension and composition, chemistry worksht, biology workbk, chinese revision and stuff.. tml still got two test (geo and maths)... not yet finish my D&T folio(due date :: actually is tml =X) and now my eyes... (already so small le) cannot open wide... how to finish all this hmwk and revision fer maybe jus 3 hrs?? Impossible.."

Anyway gonne skip some of it.. i plan to finish my eng and study fer mua geo test.. (hope i can make it through fer my maths...) if possible my D&T and Now... i need to drink couple cups of coffee... =P
Please let mi concentrate on my studies ok.. pray fer mi... don let my heart go shoppin or watever... may God bless u and mi!!

Simple plan - Grow up

10:18 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Friday, August 22

oh gosh.. i heard from my marshall, Mr.W (i get to know him in the ndp parade last yr) tt his colleague commits suicide (i think today). its sad to say tt his fren still got 2 children and he still choose to end his life like tt ( which i don know the reason)... And Mr.W mentioned to mi tt he is a coward. And when i c this word.. i was like... ".. can u be more polite and respectful to ur colleague hu died and still kena scold by u .." << i haf this thinking.. and i wrote to my marshall said tt.. >>"Maybe he is jus too stress and do u know tt it need courage to end his own life and gif up everything he had. especially his family.." and he replied saying tt .. "isnt it coward to slove his problem by ending his own life and cause a burden to his family..he rather end his life and let his family alone w/o his support to go through those hard times." i was like.. << " ya true hor.. Actually u r not wrong.. but is rite.." But haiz...
(i don rmb the exact words he told mi and wat i said.. but the meaning is there.. =P)

hehe and i suddenly enlighten!! *tinkz tinkz* haiz... But still, no matter how discourage and stress u may feel.. no matter u r young or old.. still need to live the way u are.. let God lead u through the path of growing up.. Maybe u die becos of some illness.. this, u cant be blame.. but commits suicide is a choice tt u can make and to die the way u wan...(this is definitely a sin) ok ok i jus cut my crap...

My(SmInt's) words to u guys out there struggling wif pain or watever :- *still need to think before u act..* (even though ur brain cell may not be workin tt well)
Take cAre. - nItEz -

11:05 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

(o'_'o) My topic today is ::-- JUS IGNORE MI PLS... (unrelated to my story or junk below)
Read some of my frenz' blog... and all of them was like "stress!!" Singapore policy was like.. MAn!! don know wat to say.. kekek cos wait say wrong, then u will c mi in jail.. i m tokin shit.. So therefore Singapore is a beautiful greenery city where everyone love to live in and a stressless country to enjoy/ relax.. bla bla bla.. (O.o)''''

Most of da sch now probably holdin Prelims now fer 'n' and 'o' level... Includin ours... and frenz of mine includin mi was like still slackin and study in the last mins which reallie make ppl feel the stress but.... still wish to get a gd results although last min work... Expected.. Anyway teachers, parents naggin.. hmwk and bookz all yellin at u to touch and flip them and STUdy!! But... its extremely hard fer us when u reach home at 6 ++ wif all the stuff in our head struggling from morning till evening... ya know!! teachers will like "serve u rite!!" and use those words and press the whole class...
and Ramesh..He look real sad when we still lag wif our work.. i hate to c teacher in bad mood... especially those hu work hard and teach us no matter how tired they r..(although they oso know tt we r choice) But those teacher hu teach nothin and still get the MOE money which is oso our parents' hard earn money... can call them go eat shit man!! >>Mr.G!!

And now i stay up till midnite and study.. << which don look like mi.. kekek as i m not the type of person hu study at nite .. or rather, in the morning and sleep 4, 3 hrs a day and c mi wif dark circles in the eyes the next day.. heheh But i reallie need to le..
Is this the way ppl do when they r abt to take their 'o' level in two more months? maybe worse than mi ba!! =P

I was jus typing some >> none. of. ur. buisness. stuff << which u may c it as boring..jus wanto type out wat was in my head.. to release some and make it less heavier and not to keep in my head...
TML test and ENGLISH COURSE.... *Faint*

=P i think this is my longest blog ever.. byez

Nickelback - How you remind me

8:59 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, August 19

(0.o) << tts how i look now.. Big small eyes when dealing wif my D&T folio.. keke.. Agrrrh Can somebody pls help mi ... jus complete 1/4 of it.. Goodness!!

Theme fer mua D&T : Secure storage..

Y don u design a thing to store mi in.. and keep mi from *war??* from my ... from.. my PAin... or rather.. more serious >> Agony... Hahah.. wat m i tokin?? ermm nvm. u can ignore mi.

9:20 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Agrrrh!! Totally no mood at all... nOw!! sO wat i haf done today?? Well...Being Stuck in the Rut!!! Everyday doing the same old thing...

wake up in the morning.wash frenz up.go like a in class.keep quiet.admire my charmed story book (maddness).go drink the water from water cooler (my life).see my form teacher naggin and gosspin instead of teaching (wat kind of teacher is this, u tell mi!).stay up in sch after remedial and do my folio until 6+.go like a pig hmwk.revise.sleep.dream of my book( i need to pass my s.s and geo!!)

I m repeating this everyday... ... ... haiz... haven watch a movie this few days.. (doesnt look like mi) nv watch Tv recently..(more don look like simin)... Nv touch my discman and hi-fi fer the past few weeks(no music)... << (i think i m sick) =P

Feelin lethargic rite now.. gtg.. those hmwk behind kept yelling at mi... =X
- nItEz -

Avril Lavigne
Title: I Don't Give A Damn

8:31 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Sunday, August 17

Hey! quite some time since the last update.. Many things happened.. gotten my chi result... Haiz.. *Heart-broken* =P Anyway hu cares.. jus re take again.. i guess.. keke.. then had my o level Eng oral.. hmm this one is beta, cos it went smoothly.. quite happie abt it.. Hmm.. this few days i was like stayin in sch until 6pm or so to finish up my D&T folio wif meiying.. and both of us was like rushin le.. but still, not even finish 1/4 of it... How?? another 14 days more to hand in the folio le.. This folio contain 90% out of the 220%.. Headache!..Wat-else huh?.. Oh ya.. catch a movie jus now too.. Hmm.. gtg.. nOt feelin well this few days.. (Gosh!!) hehe. had been strollin in the downpour fer the past few days.. =P Serve mi rite..
- nItEz -

Blink182 - Shut up

1:22 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, August 12

Agrrrh i was kicked out by my bed.. so tts y i m still awake now.. nv watch my Smallville today.. cos my conscience tell mi to finish up my hmwk then can go sleep... haiz..ok well.. now finished le.. but worried abt something deep inside.. haha.. my o level chi result.. Damn.. so long le... still not yet out.. =P ppl anxious u know.. kekek
Agrrh and one more thing.. firday i will be havin my o level eng oral.. aku scare scare.. how?? my picture description and conversation sux like don know wat... Gosh!! pls help mi by speakin proper eng wif mi ok.. u see!! Oral i oso last min then prepare... haha.. wat fer... ok ok Relax man!
Anyway just try to be who you are when facin those examiner* although they may show a stern face or something... Just remember that u are prepared and don go there tougue-tied <<(referin to myself)
Well.. all the best to all ppl out there in everything.. Watever life u haf, it's lie on ur hand.. Be sure that everythin u do, u will not regret k..
Here comes all my bullshittin.. but nvm.. cheerio..

Creed - My sacrifice

12:11 AM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Sunday, August 10

=) there is no tution fer mi jus now.. and yea yesterday iz national day.. nothin much.. jus stay at home.watched lots of tv.. Boring actually =P did my hmwk and stuff.. Revision will lead to "Zzzzz.." sleep.. So every nite i will use this method. Revision and i will doze off.. Exams r ard the corner... haiz..

11:18 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

|m totally bored now... nOth|n to dO beside hmwk.. keke
had some quiz.. below is the answer.. =0)

You are CRUSH!
What Finding Nemo Character are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

You are a child's kiss. Completely sweet and
innocent and pure. You mean no harm and only
love in your sweet kisses.

What kind of kiss are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

You have the Power of Flight!

What's Your Magic Power?
brought to you by Quizilla

You're Perfect ^^
-Perfect- You're the perfect girlfriend. Which
means you're rare or that you cheated :P You're
the kind of chick that can hang out with your
boyfriend's friends and be silly. You don't
care about presents or about going to fancy
placed. Hell, just hang out. You're just happy
being around your boyfriend.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ok...I have a Joyful Personality
What's Your Personality?Find out!

Gosh!! studyin the whole day and wasting my time here.. but bring u some crazy facts!! Enjoy!::--
- The catfish has over 27,000 taste buds. (What could be so tasty on the bottom of a pond?)
- Butterflies taste with their feet. (Something I always wanted to know.)
- A pig's orgasm lasts 30 minutes. (In my next life, I want to be a pig.)
- Right-handed people live, on average, nine years longer than left-handed people. (If you're ambidextrous, do you split the difference?)
- If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.(Hardly seems worth it.)
- There are 333 toilet paper squares on a toilet paper roll.
- Human hair and fingernails continue to grow after death.
- There are more than 1,00 chemicals in a cup of coffee.
- If you attempted to count to stars in a galaxy at a rate of one every second it would take around 3,000 years to count them all.
(Anyway this is all true.. believe it or not) << cannot be confirm.. lol

10:22 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Wednesday, August 6

Yoo-hoO.. quite alot of things happen today.. we had our PE lesson jus now.. accompanied niz to run fer her 2.4, =) she pass wif a gd result.. happie fer her too.. had all my lifeless lesson.. mahaha i slept rite in front of ms chong.. but then she still don know.. =0) and Actually wanted to skip my mock test jus now.. but "my conscience" tell mi not to.. hahha so i stay and had my exam.. finished in half an hr. another 1/2 hr>> DrawIn sessIon<<.. keke.. nice u know..
Finished the test at 4.30pm.. mi and meiying rush to the D&T roOm and wanted to finished our workpiece.. but the Tan say closing and he wans to go home.. << he is always so damn lazy one..!! In the end he helped mi drill part of it.. and the drill bt crooked.. Gosh!! But lucky the hole is small so still can file.. mahaha..
After tt,meiying and i went to our fav place and laze around.. =) dOing our unfinished folio.. and yakking away.. keke.. =P

anyway ta-ta..

Paolo and Isabella - What Dreams Are Made Of

8:18 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, August 5

Hey-yaz!! lOng tIme nv update le.. miss my blog rite.. =P "thick skin" ok
Many things happened ..too many things to tell u.. but jus way too lazy to type here.. hehe
MT o level result is comin out!! i don think i will get a gd result.. BUT <<(a big But) if i get a b3, i don know whether wan to take again or nt sia.. hmm may God bless mi.. hehe and all the others =)
And now i seldom online..busy studyin (gd gal ya know) keke..
Anyway jus hope tt everyone hu know mi or even those hu don know mi live a goOd life..

She moves - It's ur love

9:00 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

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