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Friday, May 30

What are You in the Sky?
I am The Sun!
You can count on me,
I am a faithful soul.

Quiz made by Tiara
Powered by Quizilla

Well its up to you all to count on mi or not.. kekek but will help anyone of u if u r troubled or something.. Feel free and tok to mi if u cant find any fren or wat ok.. :) ciaoz

10:36 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

SALES everywhere.... how can u call mi to close my eyes and treat it as nothing... kekek and it is all nice thing.. mi and ivy was like *agrrrhing* yesterday when we saw alot of things we like. Haiz the bad thing is that no money and we cant buy anything.. kekke but still can manage to buy something.. and actaully planning to cut our hair yesterday and end up today.. :P

We did not reallie spent all the money on ourselves.. hmm.. how to say.. Becos we went junction 8 yesterday(ytd) and find a salon for cuttin hair but close as we reach there around 9.30pm.. So we go shop shop.. one chi guy approached us... wearin singlet, shorts, slippers and havin a long hair lookin decent and so on.. He started askin both of us something.. it was so soft until i kept saying "huh" :P kekek.. then in the end he asked us fer $10, cos he want to get home.. then both poor ivy and mi was oso so damn poor until cannot take out $10.. the end we helped the uncle and asked.. but u know some singaporean was like.. i mean some singaporean, not u.. :P they don care and this guy reallie seem not a conman.. and ivy guess tt he was like being chase out frm home or something..
And no one at the stupid centre helped.. nvm..So ivy called her mum hu was near j8 but cant get her as low batt.. nvm.. then this guy was like standin aside at the beginnin and walked to us again and say its ok.After he walked away jus like tt wif a thank you..But both of us don feel gd, and after tt we decided to follow him (not to kill or suspect him).. he even asked a guy.. and do u know guy ask another guy fer money is like...(don know how to say) and we can reallie c him reallie need the money to go home.. and both ivy and myself was like crakin our head thinkin hu live near bishan and come and help us... But no-one...
we kept chasin hinm and finally our turn to approched him and asked him whether need any help to ask from others fer him but he turned us down.. Haiz.. i took out my purse and check again.. my wallet is like got two place to put cash.. the first place where i always put my money is empty but the second one GOt...:) kekke i was so happie.. but we cant find the guy already... the three of us(ivy, tt guy, and mi) was like playin hide and seek.. after tt saw him then we ran up to him after he approched a lady hu shaked her head(which mean no).. he was quite shocked and after saying thank u to us he ran to the bus interchange that side and then disappear............

Finally the hide and seek end.. Both of us was like so damn tired..
At least we did some good deeds wif all our best and enjoy ourself in the afternoon ytd... (watched movie and other stuffs)

Then today.. we CUT our hair.... NOT NICE.. haiz... Ivy veri angry abt the hairdresser.. :P ok ok i don say le.. i say oso until veri angry sia.. shhh don mention anything abt hair to her ok.. :) then mine is like ok ok but too short :P kekek.. but nvm my hair grow fast... ok i stop here le.. this one seem long winded fer u guy.. :P gdbyez

Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow - Pictures

7:35 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Wednesday, May 28

11:39 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

kekek today end the paper early..hmm 1 hr paper.. i spent half hr finished the whole paper and half hr sleepin.. had two sweet dreamz somemore.. kekek :)
/\ctually plannin to go the tution teacher's house rite as i haf said yesterday.. in the end we nv go.. gOodiE.. :)
After tt acCompany meiying to buy her CD in outram park.. all e way till that *park*..kekek
Then went to Raffles fren bought some stuff.. *niCe* mi controlling... *my hand itchy* :P but managed to control it..
Its was like sales everywhere loh.. kekek then all the guys hu acCompany their gf was like thinkin ""haiyo.. y ger so troublesome, wat so nice abt tis??"" nvm, don care abt mi.. i was jus tokin rot again and like to imagine :P kekek
After shoppin w|f meiying.. later go Sbw and meet |vy(my another angel).. kekek i got 2voucher to watch movie which is so suitable for mi and ivy (hu shop until real bankrupt) and actually wanna watch johnny english which she wanted to watch long lOng agO...But something not rite.. which is e TIME.. haiz was like 5.40 when we go up where the show already started 4o mins ago.. hmm and so do nothin jus now in Sbw..
After tt do all sort of things.. tired but fun... now sleepy man =p keke

Green Day- Basket Case

11:03 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Tuesday, May 27

/\grrrh...i forgot to watch my 9o'clock show..haiyoyo..instead i watch lightyears..kekek nvm...
Haiz.. and u know wat.. i gO shOppin today again and i spent $100++... how m i going to live?? kekek.. reallie mus save $$ le.. but today spen until happie sia.. bought new shoe.. new purse.. many more.. and i think nothin fer mi to buy le lah..kekek.. :) hapie and still hapie.. lalala.. as if like tml no exam like tt.. BUT there IS.. POA paper 1.. tt one ok lah.. :P keke
/\nyway.. today bought the shoe.. kekek.. nothin to say but nicey :P
Somemore more movies comin out... But u thin i watch beta or save the $$ beta?? Anyway after i save i will still watch one.. keke *wat a ger wants* mahaha
hmmm.. and tml paper end extremely early.. :) **might as well don take** :P
then maybe will go tution at my teacher's house wif faree and meiying i think.. don feel like going but i don mind tutionin lah.. haiz.. still considerin *processing* :)

/\nd yeah.. i was like waitin everyday for my charmed video which i d/l from kazaa to complete and can watch.. keke i reallie miss CHARMED.. i hope they will be back soon.. Anyway c ya :P byez

Sarah Connor - Skin On Skin

10:18 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Sunday, May 25

Its Sun-day...a day fer mi to relax.. tution fer mi i choose not to go actually..
/\nyway there is a chi show *A child's hope*.. and *Deep blue sea*which I m interested to watch today...
The chi show today show abt those children hu r struggling wif all sort of diseases, illness and so on.. a show supported by the NKF thing.. this show is touchin.. and u know wat.. i cried(as in eyes watery which no need tissue.. kekke).. :P Oh myGod.. But i reallie cant bear to c those kids suffering like this.. Duh.. i cry oso no use.. this is jus a show man.. kekek nvm .. and one of the character in this show hu act as a father rape his own daughter.. he is a real bastard loh.. hmm and i think i will be like sittin on my sofa everyday tunning to channel 8 at 9pm to watch this show.. :P kekek and now sittin infront of my tv and comp watchin deep blue sea..

Hmm and luckily that i read some of my notes on geo this afternoon.. Cos i lent my geo textbk to one of my fren jus now,which make mi read nothin now.. but its okay.. i was quite prepared for this test tml... So wishin myself Gdluck and everyone too.. And now let mi enjoy the show.. kekek.. Shhh.. :P

Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply

10:28 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Saturday, May 24

/\grrh.. my stomach don feel good..i think eat too much.. keke
| did nOt gO to my little small hut and study...
/\nyway the weather is too hot for mi to go out..
Maybe later if the weather is better i will go there and hide... Haiz still got three more test for mi.. Mon geo, Tue D&T then Wed POA paper 1... so need to go to my hut and study cos at home got too many things that tempt mi and it make mi study nothin.. :S
wat should i do? i suddenly feel crying but don know y?? i oso wan to know y...
But anyway.. i don know whether how badly or well haf i done for my exam... i hope it will come out better than wat i expect.. kekke*my expectation is quite low* >>> 5 pass out of 7 subjects :P
and i think everytime i will end my blog sharing a song wif u...

Mariah Carey - Without you

4:57 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

Friday, May 23

hmm.. firstly i need to thanks azly for helpin mi makin this blog which i know nothin :P and all the trouble i caused to him..
Anyway today jus finish my poa exam.. and after that i went to town wif ivy,hengleng and ber.. bought something.. and reileved some stress.. keke.. hmm and i think no one will like seein this blog of mine.. but jus writin this out to remind mi wat i had done wif all my fren and so on.. :)
First time writing this.. and quite strange.. :P kekek..nvm
i was like copyin how my fren write and i oso do the same.. nvm again.. byez :)

10:10 PM
-i died and i cameback

- = - - = -

heeey.....this is my blog...lookout for my future posts!

9:03 PM
-i died and i cameback

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